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There’s nothing sweeter or more special than a new baby.  It changes the whole dynamic your life in the most amazing ways.  I provide a few different options when it comes to photographing newborns.  I think everyone should have newborn photos done one way or another so by providing multiple options, I can guarantee that you will get photos that you love and that you are comfortable with having taken. It is best to contact me when you are 2-6 months to hold a spot for the general time you are due as I only take on limited number of sessions per month. Also you will need to contact me as soon as you give birth so that I can plan the perfect time and  set ups for your session. I prefer to photograph newborns when they are  5 to 12 days old while they are still very flexible and sleepy.  This is also before baby acne tends to set in. 

Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire so that I can plan a shoot that best suits your personal tastes.

If you would like to have multiple sessions done, I can work with you to put together a discounted package of sessions.


Fresh Forty-Eight

I come visit you at the hospital while your babe is still brand spanking new and you’ve had a moment to take it all in. These are my favorite because right after you have a baby you are in a sort of euphoric bubble and most likely are not going to remember all of those little details. Fresh 48 photos give you a chance to have those special first moments and details forever. If you are booking a newborn session, you can add on a fresh 48 at a discounted price.



Lifestyle Newborn

An intimate and personal shoot showcasing you and your family’s new stage of life.  I will capture your newborn in his/her surroundings that make life unique to you and your family.  Naturally posed family and baby shots, feeding, changing and playing with the baby will be the main focus. I will also do detailed shots of the nursery.



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