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Noelle & Graham

It’s tough making quality friends when you’re an adult, especially as an adult  who stays at home with the kids.  When my oldest daughter was a little over a year old,  I joined a few mommy meet-up groups in my area.  Hey, I was lonely.  It took about a year and a ton of awkward playdates but I found my little tribe of girlfriends who I now keep a running message on Facebook with.  They are my go to girls and I sometimes wake up to 70 new messages in the morning.  Noelle is part of that tribe and she just moved three hours south.  We’ll allow it because of better schools and jobs but you better believe that there is already a girl’s trip being planned.


Noelle saw how much I was loving all the campaigns to normalize breastfeeding so she asked me if I wanted to do a nursing shoot with her and her youngest son before they packed up.  I jumped at the chance because I know how special those last few weeks of nursing can be and I knew Noelle would help me really portray the beauty in that.


We met up in the morning in downtown St. Petersburg.  We chatted and played with Graham in between nursing snacks by restaurant fronts, the museum and the park.  We made it quick because of the heat but we were still able for get some really gorgeous shots.  To cool off we stopped into Cassis because no trip downtown can be complete without grabbing some french macarons from their bakery.  The pistachio are a particular favorite of mine.  Iced mochas, macarons and a mini photo shoot was the perfect send off of a friend who I will miss dearly.



To find out more about normalizing breastfeeding campaigns here.










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