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Sweet Lily is a particularly special client of mine. She was the first newborn I photographed after I had officially up-ed my newborn game. I had done a handful of newborn shoots before but had no real training and my props were just okay. My clientele had mainly been families but I really wanted to add newborns into the rotation because there is nothing quite as special as a newborn baby and a new family.

Right before Lily’s mom contacted me, I had recently completed a newborn workshop, significantly upgraded my camera and took out a line of credit to add some really amazing pieces to my prop collection.   She had contacted me in regards to a maternity shoot but I was so pumped about all my newborn skills and props that I offered to do her newborn session for free.  Since I didn’t have a newborn portfolio that I was very proud of, I felt honored that she trusted me based on my other work and her maternity shoot alone.

Lily was the perfect “starter” baby. She slept really well for me and would easily fall back to sleep when nursed in between set changes. She was so good in fact that I went back a couple of weeks later to take some outdoor shots with a new bed that I had just gotten. I’m so glad I did because as you can see from my facebook cover, that picture is still one of my favorites of all time.

I have done more newborns since Lily, including a set of twin plus have five newborn sessions scheduled for the fall. I will always love doing shoots couples, families and kids but it feels really great to be confident and happy in another genre of photography. Newborn shoots used to make me so nervous that I’d be sick to my stomach, now they are turning into my favorites. I love putting together set-ups. The week leading up to my newborn shoots, I take all the info that mom gives me in their newborn questionnaire and style little mini set-ups that are gorgeous and compliment mom’s style. Oh and I also getting to hang out with tiny perfect humans as part of my job.

These are a few of my favorites from sweet Lily’s session, the red-headed little beauty who made me fall in love with newborn photography.















Meeting new clients is both thrilling and nerve wracking.  I’ve only been taking on new clients for a little over a year now and so far they’ve been great (knock on wood).   They seem a lot like myself, which I suppose makes sense.  People hire me because they like my style and it’s similar to their own or where they would like their style to be so naturally our personalities tend to mesh pretty well.  I lucked out again with these new clients.  Sweet new family of 3.

We met up in early morning, about 8:30 to beat the heat. Unfortunately in Florida it’s hot at all hours of the day but a little less so early on.  I really enjoy shooting in those early hours and I get to do it more in the summer since my preferred “golden hour” is so late and past little ones’  bed times.  It’s awesome to get my creative energy going nice and early so that I can hone in on it all day.  Bright and early was perfect for 6 month old, Michael.  He is such a sweet little boy and full of smiles, he even let me hold him so that I could get a few shots of mom and dad by themselves.

New families are the best, there is so much joy there.  Actually let me correct myself, semi-new families are the best.  New new families are great too, don’t get me wrong but they are also exhausted and kind of freaked out about the newness of it all.  Six months new is perfect.  They are finally getting the hang of things, the baby is probably sleeping through the night and they can relax a bit and just enjoy.  That’s exactly where this family is right now,  in a sweetly perfect stage of life.  I hope that when they look back at these pictures years from now that feeling comes flooding back to them.