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Styled Sister Shoot


I love everything girly and have accumulated quite a large amount of floral halos, headbands and other head pieces. I also have a growing selection of girl’s boutique dresses and rompers. For the big girls out there who like to play dress-up like me, many of my floral halos are adult sized and I also have quite a few statement piece necklaces and head chains. I have an embarrassing amount of flowy kimonos that are great to throw over your outfit for variety, For maternity mama, I have a small selection of flowy maxi dresses and am constantly adding more to my collection.

In the past I have mostly done whimsical shoots with my daughters or close friends so I was pretty excited when an acquaintance of mine contacted me to do a shoot of her daughters. The girls were fantastic, especially considering it was about 100 degrees and humid. We were all sweating terribly, which you can tell by the end of our shoot. The girls were all rosy cheeked and a little messy haired from changing so much but I think it adds to the charm of a whimsy shoot. I’m doing their family shoot next month and I’m excited to switch gears.

Both girls are so beautiful but Mia at 5 is strikingly pretty, polite and well spoken. I mentioned to her mom that she should really try and get her into modeling because I think that the casting directors would eat her up. I put her in touch with a good friend of mine who’s children are very successful models. If you follow my facebook my friend’s kids are Myles and Sofee. Myles is very eye catching because of his tan complexion and light eyes. Mia’s mom texted me a month or so later and said she signed with an agency. I just saw her head shots too and they are fantastic. So best of luck to sweet Mia even though I’m sure she doesn’t need it.

These are a handful of my favorite from their whimsical sister shoot at the Florida Botanical Gardens. When you schedule a full shoot with me, you are welcome to any and all of my props and wardrobe items (I also have bow ties and suspenders for boys). Just let me know what you are interested in. Even if your not sure, I always ask for photos of my client’s outfits before their shoots so I will bring items with me that coordinate and we can decide together what we want or do not want to use.




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